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Alex Vondy Harris is a thoroughly experienced singer/songwriter/musical artist based in Royston, Herts, UK. Since learning guitar aged 13 years then moving onto becoming both a vocalist and guitar player, Alex has been proud to be a front man and primary songwriter for many local Rock/Pop bands in his area, gaining interest and acclaim from a myriad of people and parties in the music industry/media. Alex is now and solo artist/songwriter in his own right. His solo music infuses a mixture of Rock/Pop/Folk/Soul and Funk to create a style he calls "Soul Pop" (though he is reluctant to limit his musical influence boundaries as he believes in keeping musical ideas fresh and evolving). Prolific in his songwriting, Alex is constantly working on fresh catchy, commercial but edgy material.

He is an extremely charismatic, confident and entertaining performer, with over 10 years live experience under his belt including session work for ROLAND (musical instrument manufacturers) at Earls Court for The BBC Tomorrows World Live Exhibition 2000, a support slot for Ian Dury and The Blockheads at The Cambridge Junction 1998 and many other great performances.

If you have any queries for Alex , would like more info about him, are interested in any songs he has for sale or you are an artist who wants Alex to write for you or to collaborate on any musical ideas with him you may have, please email him at