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‘’Music as nature intended’’


Thursday – 16/09/2004


£4 with late bar

CB2 Bar/Restaurant, 5-7 Norfolk Street Cambridge



A long time ago, acoustic gigs consisted of musicians and their raw instruments in harmony.  It’s about time we revitalised those good old days.


Introducing ‘The Living Room’, Cambridge’s newest acoustic night - but with a twist.


Enter a setting of style and sophistication.


Enjoy the delights of your host, Lord Bridge, whose living room you enter.


Hear the delights of music as nature intended !!!


Frowning will not be tolerated.


Share the snuggle couch with that someone special.


There’s limited space (40) so come fashionably on time to avoid disappointment.




Harmony-charged rock n roll dumbed down to acoustic level, just as they were written.


Alex Harris

Songs for the summer dreamy melodies, heart-tugging lyrics: One for the ladies.


Matt Herret

Formally of Jaywalk Buzz - for those who remember them no introduction

needed, for those who don't you need to hear this man


Robert Wade

Robert wade has spent his life on the road. The many experiences of his life, experiences that bring forth depth and insight into the human soul, are found in his thought provoking words





For those of you who have little time for some creative imagination or are just not too sure:


The Living Room is a new acoustic night for Cambridge who's main aim is to invite local bands to strip their music down into acoustic form, either as one or two person outfits or with the full band providing basic accompaniment.

This gives the audience a chance to hear their favourite local acts in a way they've never heard before: for many, the way the songs were originally written, in their very basic form.

This also helps the bands themselves by playing in a different style to what they are used to, and to also help gets their name around to people who wouldn't normally attend a full-on band gig.
A normal night at "The Living Room" would consist of about three one/two person acts and a headline act playing as a full (acoustic) band. As the nights go on, we plan to bring in the occasional act from out-of-town to bring in an even more varied audience.
The Living Room will be adorned with rugs, cushions, candles and a very easy atmosphere to accompany the music as nature intended.



For more information on ‘The living room’, feel free to contact the chaps behind this marvellous idea on


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